VRCC is the ONLY Private Referral Centre where all major cancer treatments are available on-site...

Oncologic Surgery: Radiotherapy: Chemotherapy: Immunotherapy:

...so the best comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment plans can be determined right from the start.

VRCC is the pioneer and leading Private Centre for Cancer Therapy in the UK.

VRCC’s “firsts” include:

  • The first referral centre in Europe to install a Linear Accelerator “Linac” and pioneered the application of advanced radiotherapy treatment protocols for UK patients.
  • The first to offer the Melanoma Vaccine and pioneered its use in the UK.
  • VRCC is the only Radiotherapy facility in the UK where the Oncologist has specific training and qualifications in veterinary radiation oncology.
  • All oncology patients are overseen by a boarded experienced Oncologist. This means that ALL treatment options can be explored because cases can be easily transferred to other specialists at the time of the initial consultation.
  • VRCC remains committed to oncology with the recent updating of our “Linac” and our engagement in clinical trials when appropriate.
  • VRCC is a multi-disciplinary referral centre with a varied medicine case load. Our medicine staff benefit from the presence of an oncologist on-site when a medicine case turns out to be cancer.