Neurology at VRCC

Sue Fitzmaurice BVSc, DipACVIM (Neurology), DipECVN, MRCVS Specialist in Neurology

Owners of seizuring dogs are particularly stressed often aggravated by seeing multiple clinicians. Sue and VRCC provide a point of contact, knowledge and experience in handling such cases giving reassurance, hope and back-up when most needed. VRCC is 24/7 and as a leading Referral Centre covers all diagnostic options.

As with all our specialists at VRCC, the ultimate goal of our neurologist, Sue Fitzmaurice, is to help your patient so they return to your facility for continued general care. Like all neurology diplomats, Sue has had extensive training in the recognition of neurological disease its diagnosis and treatment.

With her 20 years of experience working in neurology, Sue can offer your client guidance on what has affected their dog/cat, and which diagnostic steps and treatment options are useful, and, most importantly, appropriate.

Interpreting exam findings takes time, knowledge and experience: the function of the nervous system is revealed by the function/dysfunction of the patient. The benefit of a specialist evaluation ensures that any diagnostics including for example MRI/csf evaluation are warranted. Neurology at VRCC is a part of the multi-disciplinary team; this means that Sue is supported by diplomats in cardiology, surgery, oncology and medicine. This makes your referral decision easier: the patient’s health is assessed as a whole at VRCC.

Here are some additional reasons to consider a neurology referral:

  • The outcomes of the current treatments are not as expected.
  • To obtain assistance with making a diagnosis or to confirm a diagnosis you have made.
  • Your patient requires a sophisticated diagnostic or therapeutic procedure that is offered by a referral hospital.
  • Your patient requires 24-hour monitoring.
  • To help strengthen your client-patient-veterinary relationship with the assistance of a Specialist.
  • Your client would like to learn more about various treatment options, some of which you may not be comfortable performing or have available at your facility.
  • To obtain assistance with client education.

VRCC is 24/7...and a leading Referral Centre covering all diagnostic options - including Neurology!